How I Got My Goals Crushed: How You Can Do Better – David Ped

"What a massive goal." I said to myself.

I desire to visit about 2 secondary schools for my Greatness Activating Programs meanwhile I visited even about 3 secondary schools.

I desire to learn How to publish my book, but I was surprise I became an author in the past year.

I desire to expand my wealth of knowledge in my coaching industry, I was able to got professionally certified in Industrial Relations and availed several professional trainings on coaching.

I taught in more 10 platforms on topics related to my Emotional Intelligence/Relationship coaching niche.

Those are the major goals I set for myself.

As you can see, I didn't achieve my goals,, I did better than I thought.

How was I able to attain my goals to that extent?

Is it my chance or luck?

Oh no!

Firstly, I got the goals written clearly in my goal book.

I read it again and again, repeatedly and even duplicate the goals into several pages of the book.

I told some people my goals and I make ask them to make me accountable. They should push me, remind me, inspire me, rebuke whenever I am dwindling away from my goals. 

I pray about my goals to the Divinity. Who I refer to as the heavenly Dad of mine. I asked for insights, strategies and grace to stay committed to the plans revealed.

It's note worthy to state that I didn't stop speaking my goals to those that care to listen. I speak it loud, and clear. In the morning, day and night.

Glory to my Heavenly Dad for the accomplishments!

 I have gotten some more Massive goals for the year. The goals which will be liken to crazy goals by average person.

With God, and with the usage of his already on ground principles, and by doing things different either by paying for a class, attending programs I haven't before and moving out of my comfort zone, I'm damn sure I will make it.

Do you desire an Accountability Coach to help you stay committed to your goals? 

The above post was solely written by David Ped who is an Emotional Intelligence Coach. I felt it would be helpful that was why I decided to share this here.

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