Heartbreaking Story: Lady in Tears After Finding Out Her Boyfriend Is About to Marry His Fiancee

A Nigerian Twitter user identified simply as Ola (@OlaTheOG), has taken to the social media platform and shared a sad story of heartbreak as he narrate how his neighbour discovered her boyfriend of three months was engaged to another woman.
According to the post, when she confronted him on why he lied about having a girlfriend, he justified his actions with the fact that she was already a fiancee and no longer a girlfriend meaning that he technically didn't lie.
Ola wrote: "My neighbour came across a wedding IV of her own boyfriend yesterday...they bin dating for 3 months..she called him to ask why he lied when she asked if he had a girlfriend...he said “I didn’t really lie..she was my fiancée already then..not a girlfriend”"
"And she was already so in love with him...she’s been crying ...funny enough..she used to go to his house...his whole family knew her as his babe...ahhh this life ‍“ Men are scum Fc” finally pulled one back and this is just a new level of scumness...I’m still shook at his response
"Nowadays you gotta be asking “ Do you have somebody you want to marry?” “Do you have somebody that wants to marry you? Do you have somebody your family wants you to marry?Are you married or engaged in any form?

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