Chinedu Laurel – " I Rejected Job Offers To Become A Professional Blogger, Football Scout/Content Provider"

Welcome back, I've started an online interview yesterday which I intend getting more personalities  to be featured on Tmicheals Blog Interview Session in other to attain more exposure about some specific professions.

Professions which includes; Entrepreneur, Online Marketer, A Radio Anchor, A Television presenter and Many more. Today, I've the opportunity to interview Chinedu Laurel who is a Football Scout/Football Content provider at www.90MinutesGoal.com. He really said a lot which I know we can definitely benefit from. 

Question: Hello, can you please tell our readers your name and what you do for a living?

Ans: I am Chinedu Laurel Okorodike. I am a Football Scout/Football content provider. I am a professional blogger
I also own www.90minutesgoal.com

Question: Wow
really? That's Cool. Laurel Okorodike. Can you please give a brief description about yourself to our readers?

Ans: Well, I am a goal getter. I am someone who sets a target and goes all out to achieve it.

I also love challenge's and very passionate about football

Question: This inspiring, Kindly tell us little about your Educational background?

Ans: I am a graduate of the prestigious Madonna University where I bagged a B.Eng in Electrical/Electronic

Question: As per your profession? How did it all started? Cause the aim of this interview is to imbibe and cultivate a balanced trait to those who are aspiring to be a Football Scout/Football Content provider thereafter.

Ans: I have always love Football even as a kid.
So when I was 8 years old, I started keeping journals and notes of all football matches, including Italia 90.

I followed all football matches which was pretty available then.

My parents taught I had gone nuts, especially when I rejected Job offers to follow my passion.

I officially became a football scout in 2014 and blogging professionally in 2013

Question: Hmmm. So touching, are you saying you loved Football even as a Kid? How come did it become part of you? Were your parents not against it.

Ans: It was just in born, my parents were against it but along the line, they saw reasons with me

Question: So, can you tell us most of your awkward moments while trying to become a Football Scout?

Ans: So many, but one stands out and that is trying to convince parents to allow their 18 years old wards sign with you and also explaining to your parents that this is what you want to be and not life of oils, tools and machines

Question: As a graduate at Madonna University where you bagged a B. Eng in Electrical/Electronic, How did you start writing contents and articles? Did you attended any external educational program or did you went to a journalism class?

Ans: I did lots of course's on Journalism and content management and web design. I also took some SEO courses. It helped me a lot

Question: Hmmm! So, what word of advice do you have for the up and coming Football Scout/Football Content provider?

Ans: Have passion first identify your weaknesses and work on them and go for your goal

Response: Hmmm, Thank you so much I am glad our readers as well will pick one or two words from what you've slated above.

Question: About your Relationship? Are you Single or Married. Kindly tell us about this!

Ans: Single, Hoping to soon

Question: How do you get your stories and content before writing? And More so, do you watch all Football matches before you could give updates via 90MinutesGoal.com

Ans: I have correspondence scattered around Nigeria and some parts of the world so my ears are always on the ground. I follow all major leagues together with my crews

Question: Correspondent? Do you paid for their Job done, or they are only being a Watch dog for 90MinutesGoal.com?

Ans: Lol is paid oh, money motivates people

Response: Exactly.. Cause Nigerians Motivation begins and ends without Earning.  Thanks for coming on board Laurel Okorodike.

Ans: I am launching a forum called African bloggers University. Its aimed at helping young Persons become better blogger outreach In all niche. 

Question: African bloggers University? When will the Launching Kick-start?

Ans: 17th January

Response: We really appreciate your time & effort at providing a platform which is aimed at helping young persons become a professional blogger as you are today!

Thank you so much for your time, it really been a nice discussion with you here on Tmicheals Blog Interview. 

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