Bobrisky Reveals New Year Resolution – “I Will Snatch Your Husband And Suck Him Dry"

Nigerian Male barbie doll, BobRisky is out for the public to eat him alive and tear him to shreds, Bobrisky has finally revealed his new year resolution, he said this year he is in for husband snatching (please he shouldn’t snatch my own,husband is scarce)

The barbie doll wrote;

I repeat! This year is Husband Snatching,Prevent your husband from add me here because I will use him and drain him especially if I like him.When I am done with him I will send him back to you!

Some young girls accepted it as a joke while others blasted fire and brimestone against him, An male IG user;

@I_am_vixen2212 had a fair share of the insult after he wrote; Bob Risky come and snatch me Biko,My Gf knows I am not worth fighting for!

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