Awosanwo Oluwatosin (Tmicheals) – "What Factors Explains Your Economic Success In 2018"

On the 31st of December 2017 I met friend on Facebook, Tunmise Olaoluwa who started blogging and it based on finance, money & banking and he needs authors and content providers, there he went sending a friend request on Facebook. 

A friend of mine posted on Facebook which I had to drop my comments, that was where Tunmise got my Facebook identity and he sent a friend request, immediately when I got a notification i checked his profile and accepted him.

He started discussing a lot about his newly created blog, until he got to a point when he told me he needs authors, financial journalist, investment advisor, finance and business strategist and more in line with our purpose. Then, he asked "in what way can I be of support", I told him I don't know how to write Financial tips and contents. He later responded by sending this

I told you earlier that it a volunteer. In the long run when all is said and done,we would compensate you. It a new blog you know. And it also an opportunity to develop yourself in the area of financial articles. Other bloggers and readers may see you content and decide to connect with you. Well though the choice is yours

When i saw the above post written in italic, I was forced and motivated to write about this;

What Factors Explains Your Economic Success?

Today, I will be sharing some factors that explain one's economic success either in businesses, corporations or self-employed organizations Etc, Economic success, simply means "becoming financially successful with what you enjoy doing while on vacations or at your own comfort zone".
The following section highlights real success factors;


* Getting along with proper
* Having strong leadership qualities
* Having an ability to well my ideas, products e.t.c
* Having good mentors


* Ignoring the criticism of detractors
* Having a competitive spirit or personality
* Having the urge to be well respected
* Having extra-ordinary energy
* Being physically fit


* Being honest with all people
* Having a supportive spouse
* Having strong religious faith


* Seeing opportunities others do not see
* Finding a profitable niche
* Specializing
* Loving my career or business


* Investing in the equities of public corporations
* Having excellent investment advises
* Making wise investments
* Investing in my own business
* Being my own boss
* Willing to take financial risk given the right return
* Living below my means


* Being lucky
* Being well disciplined
* Being very well organized
* Working harder than most people


* Having a high IQ/superior intellect
* Attending a top-rated college
* Graduating near/at the top of my class

I hope, that this outlined points of becoming economically successful will eventually change the way we think, the way we do things and the way we see things. "To emerge as an Economic success you need to think differently from the crowd"

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