All The Shoes Women Hate To See You Wear

Men have some of the most stylish shoes there are but women are smarter at decoding which shoes are good and those that are bad. Bad shoes tend stink up more than just your corridor because they also have the ability to affect your dating game.

Women will always notice men’s choice of footwear, as your shoes have the ability to tell her a lot about you. For instance, your boat shoes can provide her with the inclination that you were once in a fraternity and that you relish the glory days you spent amongst your brothers.

Your Timberlands on the other hand, tells her that you are the type of man that follow trends, but don’t have much care for what’s right in the world. And your dress shoes tend to speak volumes, especially if you’re wearing them without socks. It screams out the fact that you’re probably a mouth breather because you’re clearly breeding loads of bacteria in your shoes.

Since footwears are extremely important and can be so critical to you getting the right type of woman, here are the shoe styles that women hated to see you wear.

If you are nearing your thirties or in your thirties, it is best you stay away from Converse. For one, women find grown men wearing these shoes as immature and in need of attention.

Flip Flops
While slippers and flip flops can look incredibly hot on a lot of men, some women hate to see it on men. The reason for this is based on the fact that a lot of men have gross-looking feet and quite a number don’t care about how their feet looks.

If you must wear them, ensure that you have had a pedicure and your feet look their best.

Adidas slides
Women believe that Adidas slides are meant for high school students or for athletes who would slip them on after kicking off their cleats. If you’re a grown man, stay off it.

Pointy Monkstraps
Quite a number of women say that pointy shoes freaks them out and it is for good reasons too. It doesn’t give your feet the nice shape it deserves and screams that you belong to the last century.

Boat Shoes
Boat shoes are nice if you pair them with the right type of outfits. They will also work best on you if you are still in university, if not, limit them to extremely casual and rare occasions.

Square-toed Dress Shoes
These were fashion staples in the ’90s and would have probably gotten quite a number of women swooning then. It is best for you to stick to nicely curved shoes now.

High-top Sneakers
If you are in your mid 20s, high-top sneakers will look exceptionally good on you. Anything more than that, and you will look like someone struggling with mid-age syndrome.

Running Sneakers
Except you take good care of them by cleaning them after every run, women sure don’t want to see them on you. More so, if they are beat-up and require a replacement, do them ASAP or run the risk of getting a less than pleasant look from the women you admire.

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