African Ladies, Appreciate That Man In Your Life Who Strives To Be All You Need

Your boyfriend may not own a car. He may not earn a lot of money. He may not live in a posh estate. He may not be able to shower you with gifts all the time.

He may not have a great job. But it’s enough to know you are the ONLY ONE He has at his heart. He has a vision. He is Honest. He is very hard-working. He is humble. He keeps that
smile on your face. He talks to you every day. He actually listens to you.

He always replies your messages. He tolerates you when you're moody. His family knows you. He tells you your beautiful all the time.

He sees you every chance he gets. He appreciates the tiniest things you do. He is there when you need him. He respects you. He is proud you are his…And he treats you like a queen because you are his everything and he fears to lose you.

Why ask for what he cannot afford? He may not have it all now, but one day he will...

He may not be living his dream now, but one day he will… He pictures making a family with you and he means it when he says that he loves you.

African Ladies, appreciate that man in your life who strives to be all you need..He may not be all the things you need right now but with time he will be, He will get a job, get the money, he will buy a land and he will build a house for both of you.

He won’t be renting or staying at his parent’s crib forever. He will fulfill all his promises and he will be a good dad to your children. Just kindly be patient if you seriously love him.
Everything will be fine between both of you. Don't be pushed around by money and what you wanna eat now..

I pray you don't eat up the future of your unborn children!

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