5 Mistake Couples Made When Choosing A Spouse

Marriage they say is not a child's play and the ring they say is the smallest handcuff. Exactly, ring is the smallest handcuff that keeps you from getting into another affairs.

Love they also say is blind but in choosing a life partner it's time you open those closed eyes. Below are five huge mistakes people make when choosing a spouse.

They will change

This is not to say your partner is completely flawed but there are some people that are not compatible. Hence, when you decide to make the person your life partner this would become an issue because you will expect them to change but rather to your disappointment they might never. So If you can't cope with your partner and you two seem to be going in opposite direction it is better to let he/she go than bank on them changing.

I'm getting Old

"All my friends are married"

People are quick to make this mistake and then marry anybody that comes their way. Quite alright you are getting old but then again why jeopardize yourself and marry the wrong spouse all in the name of age. The fact that you are getting old shouldn't be a reason to choose wrongly

Blind Love

You need to understand that you are choosing a life partner in essence this person is going to be with you for life. Don't be blinded by love and ignore some signs and make a big mistake in choosing a partner.

Get intimate quickly

The fact that you and a person click instantly does not mean you have the person figured out. Because you are quick to get intimate and you feel love struck and probably over the moon and you can't control yourself then you feel he/she is the one. Please be wise and know that this is initial overwhelming attitude and it's not a factor in choosing a life partner.


When you try to escape from your state of loneliness and probably unhappiness and then just pick a spouse. Remember it's a life long affair and the fact that you were lonely prior to it won't see you through it.

Marriage is a different ball game hence it needs commitment, zeal, true love, tolerance and other factors you must have weighed to be successful.

Article by Mayowa Durojaye

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