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You can develop your Emotional Intelligence EQ.

According to research, your IQ (Intelligence Quotient) can't be developed ie the cognitive thinking, the mental prowess of how you understand things and problem solving faculty can't be developed than it is.

This isn't true of EQ(/Emotional Intelligence). The level of understanding one's emotion and that of others to enhance living can be developed.

If you don't know how to relate with people. If you always feel bad. If you don't know how to relate well with customers, or you are always embittered at any slight offence. There's hope for you.

Emotional Intelligence can be improved upon whereby helping one to live better with people. You can learn to live above bitterness, hurt, depression, anger etc.

Instead of allowing all these negative emotions control you, you can take charge of them. And this is possible by consciously learning Emotional Intelligence.

PEMA's Emotional Intelligence optimizers MasterClass which holds online every last Thursday of each month gives the solution you need to solve emotional traumas.

You will learn how to develop your Emotion Intelligence to live a better life with people around you to be ultimately fulfilled and successful on Earth.

It's a paid program but quite affordable.

Message me to get the registration details or make use of the comment box to drop your contact.

I'm DavidPed
Emotional Intelligence Coach

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