Popular Africa Ghanian Radio, Tv Presenter Commends The Efforts Of The Awarded Largest Students/Youths Empowerment Organization In Ogun State Nigeria

Congratulations To Diligent Entrepreneurship.

Popular Africa Ghanian Radio And Tv Presenter, who also happens to be one of the outstanding MC and Comedian In Ghana Express His Humble Gratitude And Commend The Efforts of The Awarded Largest Students / Youths Empowerment Organization In Ogun State Nigeria , Diligent Entrepreneurship Youth Empowerment Organization Development ( DEYEOD ) for their studious and industrious impacts in the life's of the youths in Nigeria and also agrees to motivates and supports the youth organization through media broadcast in Ghana .

He wholeheartedly commended the young and vibrant man behind the strength of the empowerment organization , Mr Diligent Adefisoye Adeshola, says he has been doing a great work of value amidst the youths in Nigeria, The Popular Ghanian Tv Presenter Urge Many Youths To Get Closer To This Young serial entrepreneur because he is one in a million for this generation.

For a young man could have empowered over 5,000 in Nigeria through various vocational skills ,that is so alarming and amazing , The Ghanian Popular Presenter Aji Prince, motivated the founder of the youth empowerment organization to continually do more exploit in his hi entrepreneurial ministry and should not seize to always empower youths with various vocational skills, because that is what Nigeria Needs ,He added .

The Ghanian Celebrity has also agreed to continually appear on the graphics advert of the youth empowerment fashion show and also indulge other celebrities in Nigeria to embrace this young man initiative .

Mr Diligent , has been doing a great work of impartation on entrepreneurship in Nigeria , and we never hesitate to network the empowerment organization to Ghana , the popular tv presenter added.


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