Gist: "Leave My Big Bum Alone, It's From God" – Anita Joseph

Actress, Anita Joseph wants people to stop querying the size of her bum that already attracts a lot of attention.

The size of her backside, and the ‘toasters’ she continually gets, has left her wondering if it is a problem to have a naturally big bum.

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“It has never occurred to me to reduce my bum. No, why will I do that? Reducing my bum will be me mocking God for what He has blessed me with. I can’t even add weight because if I do, my bum would become massive.

"People pay to make their bum big, why would I reduce the natural one God gave me for free? Please leave my bum, it’s from God, undiluted” she shared in an interview with Punch.

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