The Just Concluded Press Conference organized by the awarded largest students / youths empowerment organization in ogun state, Diligent Entrepreneurship Youth Empowerment Organization Development ( DEYEOD ) was so inspiring has the conference hall was filled with youths who are prepared to be empowered and to acquire skills from this empowerment organization. 

The Press Conference was focused on questions and answers on the innovativeness on the upcoming fashion skills acquisition program, which consists on (5) five various vocations under fashion which includes ; Fashions And Designs , Crafting Of Bags And Shoes , Cinematography And Modelling, Customization Of Clothes And Souvenirs , Make Up And Gele while an additional vocational skills is also inclusive to help all our applicants to be well conversant with the high rate of technology advancement and how is been inclusive and very important in business so therefore the top management has also concluded to empower all applicants generally on ICT advancements and repairs of their gadgets .

The Press Conference was graced by various gentlemen of the press and representative to mention few are, The Ben Tv London Presenter , Sweet 107.1fm, Family 88.5fm, Ogun State Bloggers Forum associated with the motivating press media that supports entrepreneurial programs to mention few are Wazobiamax Tv, Cool Fm, Orisun Tv , Tvcontinental, NTA ,The PunchNews, The Platform times News, Tmicheals Blog and many other various entrepreneurial supportive press medias.

Some of the important points of questions that was raised and Answered by the MD of DEYEOD at the press conference were ;

-When Exactly Is The Fashion Vocational Training Starting ? 

- Where Will Be The Venue and What Are The Durations For The Program ?

- How Real Is the Certificates Of Proficiency ?

- On The Website , It was inclusive that applicants can enrol for either Part time Or Full Time Training , Kindly Through More Lights On It Sir ?

- Can An Applicants Get to know the fashion vocations within 12 weeks sir ?

- Are We Going To Be Given Free Materials For The Training Or We Are To Contribute during the cause of the training ?

- How Much Is The Tuition Fee For Each Vocations and what are the procedures to pay our tuition Fee and can it be paid via installment ?

- What Are The Basic Things We Are Expecting Under Fashions And Designs Because Fashions And Designs Is Very Broad , Kindly Enlighten Us Sir ?

- Will applicants be awarded , sponsors and empowered financially and materially ?

The above questions were asked by the attendees of the press conference , The below are the humble reactionary answers given by the MD of DEYEOD ,Mr Diligent Adeshola Adefisoye ;

1) The Fashion vocational skills acquisition training program will be commencing fully 2nd Week Of January 2018 , the actual date has not been fixed because of some limiting factors and crises happening presently at the target audience environment ( MAPOLY STRIKE) , and mostly our target audience are the students attending the institution, but has planned in our entrepreneurial budget for 2018, we aim at commencing the program 2nd Week Of January 2018 while the actual date chosen will be communicated to all prospective applicants .

2) The Venue For The Upcoming Fashion Vocational skills Acquisitions Training Program is Shalom Word Hall, Suited along Moshood Abiola Polytechnic Road while the duration for the program will be in an appropriate and convenient schedule for our prospective applicants and it will be duly communicated to everyone.

3) The Certificate Of Proficiency Is Very Real And has the Authenticity to stand for our applicants anywhere in Nigeria, Because our business name is registered under the corporate affairs commission ( CAC ) and all our applicants will be opportune to receive their certificates during the graduation ceremony of the 12 weeks fashion vocational training which the event is visioned to be graced by our brands celebrities Mercy Aigbe , Adekunle Gold, Odunlade Adekola,Commissioner For Youths And Sports Ogun State , Africa's Young Entrepreneurs Musical Ambassadors, Yuzzie Shine and Many Other Dignitaries And Celebrities.

4) The Inclusiveness of part-time or full time is focused towards the convenience of our prospective students , which means all applicants are opportune to chose either day or weekend practical lectures with their facilitators in each department, but this will not lapse the stated time ( 12 weeks )the vocation is visioned to end . 

5) Definitely Yes, An Applicants Can Acquire And Be Able To implement the fashion skills even within 8 weeks ( 2 months ) its all about determination, concentration and highly full of seperating from discrepancies. We teach, instruct and empower over 10 vocations in two(2) weeks to our entrepreneurial students during our monthly empowerment programs were they learn how to bake cake, event deco, ice cream making ,liquid soap, shampoo, air freshener e.t.c and they do physical practicals of what they are been taught within two(2) weeks not to talk about this 12 weeks fashion vocational training program , We Are Very much gallant with our skills to dispense the needful to our applicants .

6) This is an empowerment organization, we aimed at given our applicants free materials to actualise their practicals only during the cause of the training in their vocational class, The willingly applicants can procure materials on their own to maybe practice after each class or could either come in group to contribute and bring out something unique even more than the way they are been taught by their facilitators.

7) The Tuition Fee For This Vocation has been clearly stated on our website at www.wwtbae.wordpress.com , perhaps the below are the stated tuition fee for the fashion vocational training program ;
Fashions And Designs is #15,000
Crafting Of Bags And Shoes is #10,000
Cinematography and Modelling is # 15,000
Customization Of Clothes And Souvenirs is #15,000
Make-up And Gele Is #15,000 

All the above tuition fee is an opportunity for our applicants because if they are to learn this skills elsewhere we are very sure they can't learn the vocations nothing less than #50,000 but we have really reduced the price tag in order to help our youths easily. 

The procedures to pay for the tuition fee is through the stated account number details that was used in paying for the registration form :
Account Number : 2100222881 
Account Name : Adefisoye Adeshola 
Bank : U B A 

The tuition fee can be paid twice installmentally. 

8) The Basic scheme that will be taught under fashion and designs and not only fashions and designs but its also extended to other vocations like crafting , cinematography, makeup and customization , are the genesis of the vocations , We will be starting from the scratch as a beginner class so as to make all applicants in various vocational department more enlightened and satisfied with the vocation they have chosen while filling the online form .
The statement " scratch " means from the beginning like how to measure, cut , sew unisex ( male and females wears ) , conceptual crafting e.t.c .

9) This is one of the most interesting part in our empowerment organization, with the help of the dignitaries and celebrities that will be gracing the grand finale of this fashion vocational training skills acquisition program , The innovative and creative entrepreneurs amidst our applicants wil be chosen and will be awarded and sponsored , and like wise the chosen ones will be opportune to network with this gracing dignitaries and celebrities .
But note, Not Everyone will be chosen to be a winner for sponsorship , its all relays on how studious the students is during the cause of the training and recommendation from their facilitators also will be highly considered in choosen the right set of entrepreneurial students without no partiality .
All applicants ( attendees of the press conference ) that has paid for their registration form and has collected their forms are dearly advised to make photocopies of the original form given to them at the press conference . 

Other Applicants that has likewise paid for the Registration form but weren't available at the press conference will be given some futher instructions and procedures to getting their registration forms . 


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