With Fame And Success, This Singer Is The Girl Next Door

When a person attains the status of a celebrity, that person is seen differently and acts differently but that has not been the case of Simi.

Simi’s rise to stardom is one story which we might like to call the fairy tale, because of her perceived innocence and sincere musical strength.

Simi is the girl next door, the homely celebrity.

During her concert at Hard Rock Café on Sunday, November 26, 2017, was herself on stage. She cracked jokes, gave bants and spoke with a sincerity that is refreshing. Her carefree attitude is rare in these days of well-oiled and groomed public personas.

The Nigerian entertainment industry is home to a lot of celebrities who have over the years created a path and have made everyone know that they are celebs but Simi just looks like that girl next door, who wakes up and turns up for a show, blows away the minds of her fans and then goes back home, covered in her duvet, reads a novel and goes to bed.

We don’t get to see a lot of celebrities act simple and modest these days mainly because they have a new reputation to keep and we have the likes of Simi who just carry on like they are still the ordinary guy or lady on the street and still shine and make waves everywhere.

Source: Pulse

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