Buhari Cannot Block Where I Am ‘Chopping’ – Asari Dokubo

A former Niger Delta militant leader, Asari Dokubo has dismissed claims that President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration has blocked sources of his livelihood.

He also denied allegations that he has been critical of the Buhari-led government because his means of getting rich illegally was blocked by the federal government.

According to him, nobody can block where he makes his money from; noting that he would have been far richer under Buhari government than under ex-President Jonathan’s regime if he had chosen to live his life devoid of integrity.

Asari, who pointed out that he takes care of over 70 children as a father and that Nigerians deserve whatever kind of leaders they have, accused President Buhari of running the government with the worse integrity record in Nigeria’s history.

In a new video he shared online, Asari Dokubo said: “People like us nobody can block where we are ‘chopping.’

“Can a man who takes care of over 70 children be rich? He can’t be rich because he is using his money to impact on peoples’ lives.

“To be very sincere, under Buhari government would have been far better for me than under Goodluck (Jonathan) regime.

“I did not support Goodluck because he will not kill me.

“I am entitled to make billions under anybody. It is my money. The money is our own.

“When a man starts talking about integrity, we must know where integrity is.

“Show us one event that shows that Muhammadu Buhari has integrity. Immediately he came into office, he had a budget and a supplementary budget. Where did the money go to? We don’t know.

“Where is integrity when Buhari’s government brought an alleged thief (Maina) and gave him DSS to guard him?

“Nigerians deserve a government where lies are its hallmark, because a people deserve the government they have.

“Nigerians are not eating. Nigerians are starving. But Nigeria’s integrity is to reinstatement Maina. It is to sign $26bn contracts even when you are not authorized to do so.”

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