6 Facts On How To Live Your Life's Purpose

It is often said that there are two great days in a man's life; the day he is born and the day he discovers why. However, for me, the greatest day in a man's life is that very day when he shuns everything else in life to tread that one path for which he was born.

You are not in the world for it to serve you. You are in the world to add value to it. And this can only happen when you exercise enough courage to live out the dream that's in your heart - that ultimate goal that adds meaning to your existence.

The hard part, I've come to understand, is not in knowing why we are born but in living it out. That's where we encounter the biggest of challenges. The challenge to champion the cause for our lives is perhaps the greatest we will ever know.


When you think about the goal of life here on earth, what comes to mind? Happiness? Success? Achievement? Fame? Wealth? We all have our own perspectives when it comes to such matters.

I believe the ultimate goal of life is to deliver to the letter (in full) the very solution one carries for his/her generation. For me, the definition of a life well lived is not in dying "old" but in dying "empty".

A full life is not a life of getting; it's a life of giving to the point where you have nothing else to give. This is what every man/woman should pursue.

How do you do this? How do you live out the fullness of your purpose? I will share 6 simple keys.

Key #1: Craft a Purpose Statement
I have this perhaps incredible notion that the only things that are truly important to us are the things we have written down. The journey to living out your purpose begins the day you enter the privacy of your room, shut the door behind you, turn the TV off, close down the internet, sit down in your desk, and in the quietness of your soul write a brief statement that will form the peg upon which your destiny will hang. This statement becomes the object of your existence - the very and the only thing that drives your whole life. We shall explore this in details in our master training coming soon.

Key #2: Find Your Real Work
Work is a gift. The real purpose of work is not to make a living but to fulfill purpose. It is the object of your existence that makes work necessary. Work is something you spend a larger portion of your day doing. You practically commit your time, energy and resources to it. As such, if the work does not serve to bring out the purpose within you, it all boils down to the fact that you might be wasting the limited resources available to you. The only work that's worth spending time doing is one that has connection with what you are born to do with your life. Find it. Commit to it. And you will never have to work one more day in your whole lifetime.

Key #3: Understand Timing
Timing is everything. The distance from "here" to "there" is in the word timing. Knowing when to act and when to keep your cool is one of the greatest gift anyone could have. Most of life's failures occur either because we acted when we should not or because we didn't act when we should. Understanding timing gives you the credence to strike at the nick of time. In this journey, there are two seasons to look out for. The season when you are required to strike because the iron is red hot, and the season when you are required to strike because the iron needs to get red hot. Understanding these two seasons will do a lot for you.

Key #4: Dream Big
A possibility mindset is a necessary factor for the journey of purpose. You must learn to dream and broaden the vision of the calling upon your life. The dream you have for your purpose must be such that encircles the world. You need to see yourself daily in your mind's eyes doing something that's far reaching with respect to the object of your calling. This is where you set goals, milestones and action steps. This will be a discussion for another day.

Key #5: Start Small 
If you can start big, go ahead. If you can't, go ahead and start small. The important thing is not whether you started big or small. The important thing is whether or not you have started. No-one ever gets to know the details of his / her purpose straight up. It comes in trickles as you step out in faith to do the little or the much you can at the moment. Stop waiting to have it all figured out or to have all the resources you think you need. Start making due with what you have at the moment and you will see other things fall in place.

Key #6: Build Meaningful Contacts

The contacts you build over time as you progress in life has the potential of either getting you closer to or dragging you farther away from reaching the object of your ultimate pursuit. You don't just need people in your life. You need the right set of people. Who are they? They are not just people who are good or whose intentions are good. They are people whose existence in your life adds significantly to that purpose for which you are born, the purpose for which you now live, and for which also you are prepared to die. A life of purpose makes you highly selective both with how you spend your time and with whom you spend it.

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