The Wrong Perception Of African Women About Marriage.

I have come across a sizeable number of ladies and I always love engaging them in different types of conversations. I'm a person that's so focused about making a good living for myself so I'm always interested in seeing everyone around me successful and doing great. But it really breaks my heart every time I ask my female friends what they picture their future like. 

The first thing they always talk about is getting married. They got me thinking and I got to understand why. The average African girl has been brought up with the mentality that marriage is the greatest achievement for them. That's why we have a lot of females feeding off men and depending on them for everything. 

Our society not having enough independent females is one of the major causes of abuse of women. I'm always happy when I see females excelling and doing well in their various career paths and family life. But I guess the mentality of viewing marriage as the greatest achievement for a female has to be abolished. Our society will be better if we have as much successful females as their male counterparts. 

SOURCE: Nairaland 

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