SME: An Exclusive Interview With Dah Bless, An Hip-hop Singer | @Oluwadahbless (Read Full Details)

[1:12 PM] Tmicheals Blog_NG: Can you please tell the audience your full name?

[1:12 PM] ‪ Dah Bless‬: Nasiru Rhasheed Ayomidey

[1:13 PM] ‪ Dah Bless‬: 
Stage Name : DahBless

[1:14 PM] Tmicheals Blog_NG: As an upcoming Artiste in the Music industry, What is your genre of music?

[1:14 PM] Tmicheals Blog_NG: Is it Hip-hop, Afro-Cuban, Or Rap?

[1:15 PM] ‪ Dah Bless: Hip-hop

[1:16 PM] Tmicheals Blog_NG: Really.? That's awesome.

[1:16 PM] Tmicheals Blog_NG: Well, can you tell your fans and our readers out there about your background?

[1:17 PM] Tmicheals Blog_NG: Cause, the likes of Olamide, Di’Ja Thrill and others can tell about their background...

[1:17 PM] ‪ Dah Bless‬: Before I am into the  Rap game but now I've switched to the Hip hop genre 

[1:18 PM] ‪ Dah Bless‬: Am citizen of Ogun state
[10/8, 1:20 PM] Tmicheals Blog_NG: You're not giving us more details to know about you.

[1:20 PM] ‪ Dah Bless‬: I hail from Ogun state capital Abeokuta

[1:20 PM] Tmicheals Blog_NG: Well. Thanks!
[10/8, 1:20 PM] Tmicheals Blog_NG: As a Pop Artiste what do you feel when singing? Or writing songs?

[1:22 PM] ‪ Dah Bless‬: Am feel good

[1:24 PM] Tmicheals Blog_NG: Are your parents in support with your music career.?

[1:24 PM] ‪ Dah Bless‬: Yes but, 

[1:28 PM] ‪ Dah Bless: During the first day I started my dad and my mum say don't go into music because those who are singers (Hip-hop) today goes beyond singing alone. But, for now they truly understand why I've chosen Music as a career. 

[1:29 PM] ‪ Dah Bless: And pray for me to become big artist Like Olamidey Wizkid and more

[1:29 PM] Tmicheals Blog_NG: Oh.. That means your parents taught your Morals before venturing into Music.

[1:29 PM] Tmicheals Blog_NG: That's great.

[1:30 PM] Tmicheals Blog_NG: What are the challenges you have faced way back in the music world?

[1:33 PM] ‪ Dah Bless‬: My day one in studio be like am face world war 2

[1:33 PM] Tmicheals Blog_NG: Smile. Even, in life is applicable to face challenges in one way or the other.

[1:33 PM] Tmicheals Blog_NG: Can you list some of your tracks to fans out there, who are always eager to listen to your music.?

[1:50 PM] ‪ Dah Bless‬: My first track Wait feat IcyDanail and Levelzbeatz I song this one for my Ex girlfriend but later ran she left alone..
Second track General Overseer single 
3rd track Jangilover ft Movic Lian
4th track Masun I song this one when mum told me don't relent my son
After masun I dropped Two track's as once on my birthday Otipe and plus one
All my tracks was produce by Levelzbeatz

[1:51 PM] Tmicheals Blog_NG: What do you have for your fans out there? Make shouts to them.

[2:00 PM] ‪ Dah Bless‬: As you they hustle as for baba God blessing
Blessing is one thing important for all hustler

[2: 03 PM] Tmicheals Blog_NG: Kindly tell us your producer and sponsors as well. The audience needs to know that!

[2:06 PM] ‪ Dah Bless‬: My producer name Moses Collins (Levelzbeatz)
Sponsors: my one fan Ajayi Glory (Glorious)
Taiwo Kabiru (Kayzman19)
Bros Alex and friends

In conclusion, Dah Bless told us during the interview section that he's an unsigned artiste to any record label and he's a CO-CEO of Smillingkiss Music Entertainment (S.M.E Nation)

He as well shared his social media handles during the conversation; Official User name : Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, @Oluwadahbless

For booking call me on this 08063018503

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