Now Out! No Money, No Love – Movic Lian Samaritan | @Movic_lian

Every relationship has a root of where it started from, Love & Money 💵 is what makes the bound of a Relationship strong. You can't keep loving & losing at the same time, it's not possible 🙆. Money in a relationship is germane to the smooth running of every relationship that eventually leads to marriage. Most times, ladies will say MONEY IS NOT LOVE! It's very imperative for us to take note. What made them blind at the first instance was Emotional feelings for the other counterpart... The ring tone of most ladies in the 21st century is "NO MONEY, NO LOVE"

No better name can be use to describe talent than naturally gifted and that is Movic Lian aka Samaritan for you with his unique sound & style. NoMoney NoLove is an afro made hit🔥🔥mixed by Halmeeyah Sake, beat by Zibit. 

This is an afro danceable jam written by talented, fans favorite, versatile & award winning vocalist Movic Lian after dropping his recent kiss Daniel's Sofa cover titled Be happy. NoMoney Nolove is a song that highlights what contradicts between money & love, this song explains facts to be considered in relationships and in the society today.

Trust me, this naturally talented lad is here stay because he has never stop dropping hits back to back till date. If you have a doubt, goggle search the name "Movic Lian" to cop so many of his hits making wave out there.

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Click Here To Download Now: Now Out! No Money, No Love – Movic Lian Samaritan | @Movic_lian 

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