Jesus Is The Only True And Trustworthy Friend You Can Ever Have In Life

Sometimes, people see me with a happy and smiling face, and even with a cool smirk. They don't actually know that, behind that happy and smiling face, is someone depressed, hurting, frustrated, sad and very emotional. Sadly, that's part of whom an introvert is. 

In this life, from journeys to experience and various challenges, I've found out that no mere mortals or being can ever make you as happy as you desire to be, or cared for and make you feel belonged. 

However, I've found one true and faithful person. I've seen and loved His ways. He's loyal, divine, incomparable with mere humans, meek, mild and gentle in every mannerism and aspect of his ways. 

That person is Jesus the Christ. I've never ever seen anyone like him, and neither has my ear heard. He never makes me feel depressed, frustrated, worried and neither does he treats me unfairly. 

In this life, I've seen that no matter how many friends you have, Jesus is more than a thousand friend. He is one in a million. When others treats you unfair, He treats you fair. When others use and despise you, He uses you for his own glory [I even heard He takes the poor man or pauper and makes him a king in his abode]. When others frustrates your life, he raises and lifts it up[which reminds me of his renewing and strengthening word, "when my father and my mother forsake me, then the Lord will lift me up" Psalm27:14].

I've never seen and met this kind of person before. So meek and lowly in heart. You can never tell your friends your secrets and trust them to keep it, because if they do not tell at least one person, then the devil is not a liar. But when I pour out my mind and troubles to Jesus, He has always done marvelous things that I cannot use words to define them, but to praise him and dance like king David danced.

Thenceforth, let no man trouble me, for I bare in body and in spirit, the mark of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!

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