I Was Trying To Save Lives, Adeniyi Johnson Speaks On Ghastly Accident | Tmicheals Blog_NG

Last weekend, Nigerians were jolted to the news that actor, Adeniyi Johnson, was involved in a terrible accident that almost claimed his life. The actor uploaded pictures of a badly damaged car on his Instagram page, and added the caption, “How can a man come out of this alive? Well, I did about four hours ago. Don’t ask me how, when and what happened; just join me in thanking God.

My redeemer lives, Jesus is alive and that’s why I’m sound…”

In a chat with Sunday Scoop, Johnson spoke more about what led to the unfortunate accident. “I just thank God for life because if one starts explaining how it happened, it would be a long process. Actually, there was a tricycle on the highway that just came out of nowhere to my front, so I maneuvered away from it and I lost control in the process.

I was trying to save someone’s life while mine was in danger. I was the only human being in the vehicle but God was there with me,” he said.

On where the accident happened, he said, “I was on my way back from Osogbo and the accident happened at Ogere, near the toll gate. Meanwhile, the person that was responsible for the accident didn’t even wait; he just sped off. It was people coming behind me that stopped to help me. The car was completely damaged, and I don’t think it can ever be repaired.”

SOURCE: Information Nigeria 

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