4 Top Reasons Why Men Use & Dump Women

At times the strongest messages are passed in the harshest of ways, sometimes women are the architect of their heartbreaks, they put themselves in the position for a man to break their heart because your attitude as a woman to your partner as well as those around you determines exactly how you are perceived and treated.

‘Sadly, oftentimes, it’s unacceptable to a lot of guys out there, and can you really blame them if they decide to take a walk? This post is going to talk about some of those things women do that most men don’t like, which sadly are responsible for them taking a walk unexpectedly in relationships”.

Over-dependence on a man: “Well, this is a leading cause of frustration for men in relationships; a lot of women tend to take love and affection for granted, just because a man cares for you, you expect him to do everything from feeding you to clothing and keeping you alive and you forget that the guy probably has a family to take care of too, bills of his own to pay, and a future to work towards; you make it harder for him when you lean on him totally, and he’ll not think twice about quitting if it gets to him”.

Poor carriage: “You’re perceived how you carry yourself, you are allowed to have male friends and all because it’s your life, but do you really have to get uncomfortably close to every one of them, especially while you’re out with your man? He’s human, and he feels; he’ll get jealous, get ideas that are probably unreal, but sooner or later, he’ll also walk if he doesn’t get the respect and proper carriage he wants his partner to have and if you have to flirt, do it to your man, and not every Tom, man-hood and Harry”.

Desperation: “It is ridiculous to say it, but it’s true; unlike women, guys don’t quite enjoy being chased that much, there’s a thin line between showing love and practically stalking, as there’s one between showing you care and stifling his life and this happens with a lot of women, they will deny their man others’ company just because they want him all to their self and it will get to a point where he can’t take any more of it, and he’ll walk”.

Attitude problems: “You lie, you cheat, you deceive, you are phony, and you think any man would be happy to keep you around? he has a reputation to protect, and he has feelings too, he will take a walk for that reason; it’s just a question of how long it’ll take him to make the decision”.

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