Kechi Okwuchi Plane Crash Survivor Doesn't Want To Win America's Got Talent Because Of Her Story

On Tuesday, September 12, 2017, Kechi Okwuchi delivered an emotional performance on 'America's Got Talent," earning her an applause from all the judges.
During an interactive session with her Instagram followers, Kechi revealed that she thinks it might be unfair for her to win the reality show.

She explained that she didn't want people to vote for her based on her story or how much she inspires them.

She also spoke about the Sosoliso Airline Flight crash that took the lives of 107 passengers in 2005. The crash occurred 20 minutes to landing on her way back to Port Harcourt for a Christmas holiday with other students from her school, Loyola Jesuit College.

On winning America's Got Talent
"It would be amazing to make it to top 10 but honestly if I make it that far, I think that is probably where I might stop just because I feel there are some people there who are good.

"There are a lot of singers and a lot of us know how to sing. I am so grateful to get this far but I feel like if I win it might be a little unfair because I don’t want people to vote for me based on my story and how much they like me and feel they are inspired by me."

"The main part of the show is the talent part and there are such amazing people that have amazing talents and I feel some of them may be more deserving.

So, then again you never know, God’s plans are not our plans and he can see further than we can so I don’t want to go and say something that might counter what he has planned. Let's just say what will happen will happen. Let it just be what God wants."

Kechi before the crash


On the Sosoliso Crash
"I remember bits and pieces. I don’t remember the impact of the plane because that must have been when I blanked out or something.

I remember being on the plane and feeling like everything was fine and I was with my friend who lived next door to me.

I remember when the pilot made the announcement that we would be landing in like 20 minutes at the airport. I remember when the plane started really getting crazy and the turbulence started getting like way too much.

I remember feeling this out of body experience, it looked like a movie. I remember holding my friend’s hands and she was asking what we should do like should we pray or something.

Then there was this loud weird metal sound and I woke up in the hospital five weeks later in South Africa. There were 109 passengers on the plane and 60 of them were fellow students from my school.

Two people survived. Myself and the other lady that I did not know before the plane crash.

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