John Legend Says Little Luna Has Already Started Mocking Him!

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen‘s daughter, Luna, is already proving to be much like her mommy, getting a kick out of making people laugh.

E! News chatted with Legend as he’s teamed up with Capri Sun for their latest campaign in which he helps kids adorably prank their moms.

As you’d probably assume, Teigen is typically the one leading the laughs, and her most recent escapade includes little Luna.

“Chrissy has her doing this thing called ‘Daddy Eyes,'” Legend revealed, explaining how the 1-year-old will start squinting her eyes in response. “[It started] because one day, I didn’t have my contacts on, and I was squinting around the house. Luna started mocking my eyes. So Chrissy started calling it ‘Daddy Eyes.'”

“Luna has me cracking up all the time,” the proud daddy agreed.


Of course, little moments like those remind us that Legend and Teigen—who celebrated their 4th wedding anniversary on Thursday—really are just ordinary people. In fact, the singer promises they’re just like us in many ways.

“We still go through a lot of the ups and downs everyone in relationships goes through,” Legend said. “We have arguments and challenges just like everyone else—being new parents, I think particularly.”

He said that, although they’re blessed with a lot of help and resources, there are still obstacles they face in raising Luna.

“We’re trying to be the best parents we can be. We’re trying to raise our child to be healthy and to be smart and kind and a good leader and all those things,” he continued. “It’s not easy for anybody…Obviously, having a lot of material success makes it different in some ways, but I think a lot of the emotions you go through are similar.”

Source: E!

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