Campus Voice: Re-Union And Power Of Social Media - Abdulazeez Bashir

It was on a Wednesday morning, July 19 to be precise, I met this young lady at a busy road here in Abeokuta, she was smiling to me from afar. when moving closer to her she kept smiling, her face looks familiar and glamorous. Indeed, she is attractive and full of adoration.

She greeted me with a smiling face. I am Kabirat, one of your friend on Facebook, she said. Immediately she introduced herself to me I was wondering how and where she knows me. Not too long, she called my name of which I was shocked. We exchanged pleasantries and we both departed.

I was asking myself, where did I know this girl? Did she know me from Adam? Why did she greeted me so nice like this? Well! It is left to her, that was my conclusion.

On getting home, I checked my phone and search for her name, alas! I found out that she was one of my Facebook friend.

Very early on Thursday, July 20 I tried to check out if I ever had any private chat with her on Facebook, then I realised she has messaged me for long of which I didn't reply, I quickly reply her and I apologized for not replying to her message since all these days. I requested for her WhatsApp number for a robust discussion. After giving me her number, I quickly add her on WhatsApp and messaged her instantly.

As we started chatting, she did a short introduction of herself likewise mine. Not too long, I cut in, I found out she is someone I know her family background very well.

Over a decade, I have know her family but didn't know her in person.

I was amazed she is someone close to me because I grew up in the same area with some of her family members.

Lo! And behold! That was how I got to know Arowona Kabirat Olashile is my 'street sister'.

She do call me 'Egbon', she has always show respect to me on many occasions. She is intelligent, Yes! Intelligent I say and always inquisitive, she is somehow forward and disturbs a lot, smiles.

I always appreciate social media (Facebook) which brought about the reunion, I just can't imagine how a distant relatives of over a decade can meet and hook up in one day.

Indeed, the power of social media knows no boundary. Truly, we are in a global village.

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