New Music: Williams LB – Hold My Hands

Said to be an inborn grace for an African child: Music. Williams LB started out his career in music at a tender age which has brought him this far in the industry. Had the privileged of learning and being drilled under the Late Legend of Music producer in Nigeria OJB Jezreel, this leverage has set him on a pace of the highest peak of his passion.

Currently an undergraduate student of Lagos State University, Ojo Main Campus, studying Music as a major course since he believes passion isn't enough. And now one of the top glittering stars whose shinning cannot be pocket in Campus & beyond. Williams LB is the name that ring bells.

This new track "HOLD MY HANDS" was written and produced by Williams LB, saxophone played by Funmi Raph a professional saxophonist. For your best enjoyment like a gold ring slipped on your finger.

You can't get enough of the powerful lyrics born out of faithful pen full of depth and gripping insight to serenade your heartfelt worship to your Lover.

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New Music: Williams LB – Hold My Hands


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