Secrets Of Women That Men Should Know

Most of the men are not yet aware of the secrets of women. Women are mysterious and enigmatic and men can never understand them fully.If a man thinks that he knows all the secrets of a girl, then he is mistaken as women are not what they are on the surface but they are a lot more than that.Women tend to get into their masculine side when they undergo terrible stress and men tend to embrace their feminine sides when they are traumatised.Here are some secrets of women that men should know.

Secrets of women that men should know are:

1.They Love Women Too: They love to watch other stylish women who carry themselves well. Sometimes, they tend to have a crush on such women.

2.They Too Stalk: In a recent survey, women claimed that most of them stalk their ex boyfriends but of course not due to love. They gave a different reason; they want to see ex boyfriends settling down with ugly wives.

3.They Watch Porn: Women watch a lot of such videos and pictures though they don’t admit it.

4.They Play With Their Bodies: Just like men, even women do play with their bodies when they are alone and bored.

5.When They’re Alone: When a woman is all alone at home and when nobody is watching, she would love to do the weirdest things possible like dancing with no clothes on etc.

6.They Secretly Envy Men: Some women who hate pregnancy and other pains of being a woman tend to envy men for their seemingly free lives.

7.They Love To Know About Your Secrets : If given a chance, women would love to know about the secrets of men.

8.They Love Gifts: Even if a woman says no to gifts, you can go ahead and give her expensive stuff. She really loves them.

9.They Treasure Love Letters: Though she rejects your love, she still treasures your love letters for her entire life as they give her a ‘high’. Women love the feeling of being loved.

10.Take Long Showers: Some women love long showers for another reason. They hate doing other stuff like taking care of the kids or husband etc.

11.They Love Mirrors: Women spend a lot of time in front of the mirror. They carefully browse through the minutest details of their bodies in order to look perfect.

12.They Obsessively Think About The Past: If you have had a quarrel with her a month ago, then she must be thinking about it even now.

13.Shopping: They love shopping but would never like to admit that. This is one of the secrets of women that all men know.

14.They Crave For Attention: Though they react as if they hate unwanted attention, women do love to be texted, kissed, hugged and pampered but of course by their loved ones.

15.Hormones: Sometimes, they can go entirely crazy….entirely…. But that could be due to their hormones.

These are the secrets of women that men should know.

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