[Relationship] Ways To Deal With An Introverted Wife

When two people live under the same roof, they have to first digest the fact that it won’t be easy to to get along with all aspects of the other person.

At the same time, you don’t need to change the other person and make a clone of yourself. In fact, even if you try hard, you can’t change anyone on this planet.

The only option you have is to live harmoniously with the other person by accepting the differences.

An introvert woman and extrovert man can live happily without conflicts.

Love can survive only in places where understanding is.Here are some ways to deal with an introverted wife.

Ways to deal with an introverted wife are:

1. SHE REQUIRES SOLITUDE: When she requests you to leave her alone, don’t get offended. Being an introverted wife, she just needs solitude. It doesn’t mean that she hates your company. Introverts need solitude to rejuvenate and function well. That’s their psychological and emotional necessity. Don’t get her wrong when she withdraws herself into silence or solitude.

2. LET HER BE: Just let her be. See whether you can accept her way of living. It is better to let her live in her comfort zone. When she needs your company, she will voluntarily come and give you a hug. Sometimes, you will luckily see the wild side of a romantic introverted woman.

3. DON'T FORCE HER INTO A CONVERSATION: If she is silent, don’t force her into a conversation. Introverts participate in interesting conversations but they do it only when they feel like doing it; not when you want it. So, the next time when you suddenly start speaking about an interesting topic, don’t expect her to get excited about it. If she is in the mood, she will continue the talk but if she is in her regular introverted moods, she would simply smile and pretend that she is listening. Either ways, you must just let her be. She will love you more for doing so.

4. NEVER FORCE HER TO SOCIALISE: Introverts do socialise but only when they feel like. So, how to handle an introvert wife? Well, ensure that you never force her to those evening parties and other social events that you are fond of. But you can always invite her and give her the option of saying yes or no. Your wife doesn’t need to be just like you in every aspect. Respect her individuality and enjoy those social events with your friends. In fact, an introverted woman is a lot better than an extroverted woman.

5. GIVE HER SOME SPACE: If you can do this, allot a room for her in your house. This is the best way to deal with an introvert. She would love to have some private space all for herself. Don’t be suspicious about it. She has nothing to hide from you. She just enjoys that private silent space. Now, you must have understood how to deal with an introverted wife.

These are the ways to deal with an introverted wife.

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