[Music] Gussy Vibez - Surulere

Gussy Vibez dishes out SURULERE, a really
nice tune that would catch the brains of both
the youthful and old people, A great blend of
soothing and exciting. When you feel yourself
getting discouraged with hustling , turn this
song on and feel the motivation just coming
back to you.
The track contains a strong message that
basically says that great things happen to those
who wait and start making things happen in
your life.
The song will help you overcome any obstacles
that you are going through in your life.
This song encourages you not to give up, and to
keep believing
that you will surely get there.
This is the lyric that will motivate you
while hustling when you start to lose focus. “If
you’re lost and
alone or you’re sinking like a stone, Carry on.
May your path be
the sound of your feet upon the ground, Carry


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