An Exclusive Interview With A Radio Paparazzi, Whaley Inumidun - Tmicheals Media

An Exclusive Interview With A Radio Paparazzi, Whaley Inumidun - Tmicheals Media

#Tmicheals Media: We would like to have a short intro about your name? Can you please tell the audience.?

Radio Host: Well am Kazeem Yusuf Adewale olamitode inumidun ( RH Waley) ....smiles, so many names I got!

#Tmicheals Media: Thanks for the submission. How did it started? Having RH as a tag?

Radio Host: Well growing up, the dream has always being for me to be a media personality, i've been a fan of radio especially, radio presenters abroad us RJ ( Radio jockey). Then I thought adding RJ to my name won't go well, then one big bro of mine ( icy DA nail) suggested RH ( Radio Host)

#Tmicheals Media: What exactly prompted you to be a Radio Host? Is it passion or something else?

Radio Host: Its been something I had wanted since I was so young,my love for the profession started when I was a little boy. Everyone in my family knows am going to one day be a media person

#Tmicheals Media: What is your academic pursuit in this profession? Which institution did you attend/attended that imbibed the principles of your profession?

Radio Host: I studied mass communication at the most prestigious polytechnic in Nigeria! Moshood Abiola polytechnic

Radio Host: Currently on industrial training ( IT)

#Tmicheals Media: What are the challenges you came across while on campus?

Radio Host: Hmmm..challenge is part of life bro! It something we must face to succeed in life, one of the challenges I face is balancing the equilibrium between academics and career

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#Tmicheals Media: What has your parent got to say about your profession?

Radio Host: My parents has been supporting from day 1.... The love and encouragement shown to my is really helping

#Tmicheals Media: Did you have a role model in this profession? Or you are stand alone person?

Radio Host: Hannah! Stand alone ke! My role model is Murphy ijemba of brilla FM. I grew up listening to him, and trust me he has done a great job so far!

#Tmicheals Media: Are you into any relationship? Sorry for invading into your closet, we just need to wet the heart of our readers. Coughs!

Radio Host: Oops! Well, it something I wouldn't want to discuss bro..  Status: complicated

#Tmicheals Media: Hmmm. What connections have you gotten so far with your profession?

Radio Host: Connections! That would be almighty God! The alpha, the Omega, the giver of joy and peace of mind. ...I've met quite numbers of prominent personalities ranging from top celebrities, politicians, business guru, oil Moguls ,the list is endless , but God has been the number one connection I got through this profession

#Tmicheals Media: More so, we have been noticing your upcoming concert via social media platforms. RH Revolution Concert 2, What is the concert all about? What's the motive behind it?

Radio Host: RH Revolution Concert is an initiative that started last year. The trend in this country now is no want to help uplift Nigeria music from the grass root! Everyone is looking at the already made act, the main motive behind RH Revolution concert is to create a platform for up and coming artists to have a share of each others songs,relate together and share ideas! .

#Tmicheals Media: Hnmm. Do you have sponsors or godfathers for the upcoming event.?

Radio Host: God almighty is my father, that has promise not to leave me. We have some great personalities who believe in developing and helping you and aspiring chaps out there. We have about 5 partners and 4 sponsors for this year's concert

#Tmicheals Media: Alright thanks for your brief note, we hope to get close to you later.. Thanks for your time.

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Radio Host: Aitt...thank you

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