Lifestyle: THE ONE WHO CARES LESS (1) - By Ifeoluwa D. Ojo writer @ (IDEAS SPEAKS)

By Ifeoluwa D. Ojo writer @ (IDEAS SPEAKS

I've realized that people only start wanting you the moment they discovered you don't want them. Whether it's business, friendship or romantic relationships. 

Believe you me, before one can decide they don't want you anymore, they must have concluded that they are being taken for granted. Yes! They cared so much about you, they showed   you how much they have loved you, they let you know how much they have prioritize you in their lives but you seems to care less about it or pretending those things didn't matters to you at all. And you know what? On the other side, it hurt the person so much; that most time, they tried all their best, gives and sacrifice all it takes to be with you, and even have to ignore your "I don't care" characters just to have peace with you. 

But I must say, you don't have to fake it. I understand your plight that if I didn't take it seriously, I won't get hurt. You don't want to show that you are the one who loves more. I believed when you see it with someone who genuinely care and loves you, then it would be a perfect combination to care and love them back. What can be so sweet than two partner who are crazy about themselves.  

If you don't like what they are doing, you can just tell them right in their face but not fake it or pretending you don't care when you actually did. It's no fun when a relationship is one sided. And that is why it's being said that two is better than one. On the other hand for the person who cares the most, it's hurt and devastated for them when the other partner isn't giving a try to care about them, or maybe pretending they don't care when they actually did. If you keep giving impression you don't care, they will start believing you really didn't care. 

I wouldn't know if there is such a thing like loving too much or showing that you love too much, but if there should be, then I think it's commendable; and not to be ashamed of. After all, if you don't tell people that you have feelings for them or show them how much you've love them, how the hell are they supposed to know? 

When you eventually put up all the walls of not wanting people to know how much you can love, remember that life is short and people are busy. When they eventually stood the ground of leaving your life and not coming back. You might then realize the damage done already.

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