What chances have you taken in life, think and re-think

Life is like a wide ocean with width and depth, life is nature, life is Supreme, life is adventure, life is mysterious, no one/body knows how it came into existence or how it begins. Life has been blessed with different gifts, talents and more.

But the Question is? What chances have you taken in life, Have you choose to always be who you are? Have you thought of changing the way you live? Have you think of how you relate with people around you?. We can take chances in life if we have a determined heart of making all this come true.

Perhaps, you can take different steps to change your grand foundation into a successful one.

Individuals take series of steps to become somebody in life but due to lack of knowledge, opportunities has been misplaced.

Referencing the word of God "We are not created to labor without reaping, you will reap whatsoever you sow".

People do say if you were given birth to with a silver spoon or you're from a wealthy background, money is not the problem to such generation(Sighs!)

We can take qualified stride by not limiting ourselves to the things around us.

What Chance Have You Taken?
Firstly, have you read the Holy Bible/Quran for guidelines? Do you believe God exist? Do you believe a Supreme being created you and everything you have?

That's a question we need to ask ourselves.

Watch out for the coming article (What Chance Have You Taken In Life 2)....

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