[Relationship Goals] Love is the hardest to break, and the most difficult to satisfy

Love is the hardest to break, and the most difficult to satisfy.

You can't be in a relationship and expect perfection in all. All you need to understand in a relationship is to have the believe that when you're in love with your partner, you trusted one another, you can't find it easy to break up at a run long.

When you're totally in love, it looks as if you just made a new resolution in your heart, cause the power of love is always situated in one's heart.

Love is the hardest to break, because when you're into a long-term relationship with your partner, you have shared things together, going to parties, hanging out with one anther. Do you know that it takes the opportunity to see who is compatible in a relationship? You can't say because he/she is beautiful/handsome, I love him so much. That is not it. But, we've took that statement "I love you" as something so serious. That's not the taste of it. The taste is when you both have feelings for one another.

If you can break your partner's heart anyhow, what did you think could happen to them?

1. They do not have rest of mind in settling for another relationship

2. To go further into another relationship could take them months to get out of the abandoned one.

3. Break up in relationship doesn't give a priority to go into another one with flaws.

You can't satisfy your partner. If you keep trying to satisfy your partner things might not work out fine in such relationships. If you can't be there whenever you partner needs you, are you satisfying him/her? No. You aren't. This is why most relationship end up with irrelevant feelings/words from both. Asking one another what led to our break up? Obviously, you aren't determined to get out of your relationship because you both had feelings for one another. Satisfaction is not the basis necessity of making your relationship perfect, it's only the way of causing problems and misunderstanding.

Perhaps, there are few people who understands the importance of dating or being in a relationship. Some thought of dating all because of Sex, and other valuable materials. However, relationship is more than that. You can make your relationship unique and outstanding if you thoroughly understand the meekness in a relationship.

Always make your partner comfortable at all times.

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