Do you know the right person to wait for in a relationship

This is a word of wisdom for the wise and intelligent people who happen to find themselves in a relationship that they never dreamt of.

You need to stop trying to force yourself to see the good side of the wrong people when they actually did not care about you. You may be mistaken about the good side you are doing because you may never enjoy that side of it. When someone shows you that they do not care about you, have enough respect for yourself to walk away and wait on someone who does.

Understand that your love is a gift and you don’t force it because we are not giving equally. Understand that your love has the power to do great things in someone’s life who appreciates it. We have to get back to drawing a line in the sand and sticking to things that we will and will not accept from other people.

We have to get back to setting new standards with love, and never allowing ourselves to go below that bar again. Why wait forever for the wrong person to treat you right, when there is someone out there waiting to do that right now.

If it doesn’t make you happy, it doesn’t make sense. Be true to yourself and don’t over complicate something so simple that should be shown so easily.

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