Buhari's daughter engaged, photos here.

They say every bride looks beautiful on their wedding day. This was extremely true for President Muhammadu Buhari's daughter. And these were the women that worked the magic.

Proud Fulani bride
The photo above, which went up this evening on Zahra Buhari's official Instagram account, was captioned:

"I respect tradition, it is what makes us unique.. For my kamu I insisted on wearing the rich blue traditional Fulani fabric that was worn by generations before us and @hudayya delivered! MUA @mamzabeauty.. @bighstudios . I am proudly #fulani #fulanibride #zahmed2016 #Alhamdulillah"

Official engagement photo of Zahra Buhari and Ahmed Indimi
Every woman wants to look great, not just good, on their wedding day. Some pay huge money to achieve this. When the opposite occurs, it is a right disaster. But when the woman's dream comes through the team behind are deemed worthy of extreme praise as Zahra rightly dosed out.

Meet Fatima Mamza, makeup artist and owner of Mamza Beauty, and Huda Fadoul-Abacha, designer and head honcho at fashion house, Hudayya.

Fatima Mamza and Huda Fadoul-Abacha
Huda, a daughter-in-law to former head of state, Sani Abacha, not only provided the royal blue traditional Fulani outfit but also the gold ball gown used in the official engagement photos. She also sewed one of the ethereal dresses the bride wore at her grand ball on Wednesday

She also dressed Aisha Buhari on her daughter's kamu.

Hudayya Fadoul-Abacha
Hudayya, based in Abuja, has dressed lots of public personalities and celebrities including Genevieve Nnaji.

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