Nigeria @ 56: INDEPENDENCE

As a citizen of Nigeria, no matter the circumstances and challenges of life we still need to love our dear country and stand firm in unity even if unity is not blessed within our governmental bodies. But let's arise and take a giant stride for our NATION!


Arise! O' Compatriot,
Nigeria is another year Closer to her dream
Today we celebrate our Patriots
Today We rise our hat and bow our heads To the Hero's of Our Past
To the Brave ones who fought the battle of our past

And the Great Generations we dedicate our Future to
Nigeria! Nigeria!! Nigeria!!
"Je staan te slapen"
Your Leaves and fruits are rotten
Your Name has been dipped in Mud
Who shall we Blame?
The One who steal a fruit to feed his family?
Or the one who stand idle
To stop him From stealing from another man's Garden!
I will Weep not
I will Rejoice more

The light of our future is so bright
Like The Sun smiling above the sky
The fairy tales of the past will be in lines of Songs
Singing what lifes we have live
Our Generations will dance to its tune
And rejoice

The dreams of our fore fathers will happen so soon.
if we all could Love one and another
Like a love that a son has for his Mother
If we all could love one and another
Like a love the bird has for his feathers We all can come together
We can come make things better
To build a brighter Future.

This is My country, I am a Nigerian and Today is our Day!

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