How to Get 9GB Worth of Data On Airtel Nigeria

Most media adverts staged by Airtel Nigeria lately, seem to always end with “the smartphone network.” Well I can tell you that Airtel are not kidding about that slogan as they are really dominating the smartphone data market with their cheap data plans which seem to be rolling out on a weekly basis.

Not too long ago I found and fell in love with the 3GB data offer for N1500 from Airtel Nigeria and that plan became my favourite for my tablet. Today however, Airtel Nigeria seem to have taken things to the next level as it now offers a whooping 9GB worth of internet data for just N3500 and the Airtel’s 9GB data lasts for 30 days as other data plans.

The news of the Airtel’s 9GB data plan for N3500 came as an exciting offer for me because in the true sense of it, I consume up to 9GB worth of internet data every month (i,e. N1500 x 3 = N4500). So you get the gist?


Grab an Airtel SIM.
Recharge with N3500 and dial *438*1# then press SEND.
N3500 will be deducted from your Airtel line and the SIM will be credited with 9GB worth of data.
Note that the data will expire after 30 days if you are unable to exhaust it.

Do you think this is the cheapest data plan in Nigeria so far or you have a better offer? Please tell us in the comment box and don’t forget to share this post with friends using the buttons below. Thanks

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