Basic principles of reading

Basic principles of  reading

¶ The more you read, the more you learn, the more you have retentive memories, the more you will be outstanding, the more you will be sound.

Reading and studying has took a vital role in our globalized world today. You read to learn, you read to achieve, you read to acquire and attain.

Reading continually prevents poor performance- Educational sector

Reading the word of God prevents you from UnGodly characters and attitude- Biblical sector.

There are different ways you can read to learn or to acquire. You don't need to brainstorm or break your head before you can read or study on your own. The best way for you is to pray for retentive memories. Still you aren't Albert Einstein there is possibilities for you to read and attain whatever you need to know at that moment

Studying is a way in which one involves himself/herself to a particular perspective that deals with stimulating non-verbal communication with the use of your eyes and your brain..

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