Latest Airtel Free Browsing Cheats 2016: Unlimited Surfing with Psiphon

We’re here with another hit on latest free browsing cheats, codes and also free internet tricks for Airtel users. However, the long anticipated Airtel free browsing trick now surfs with great speed and no limit.

The Psiphon application is a good tunneling app that has helped our magic working IPs very useful and this Airtel tweak blazes massively on Android devices for now, iPhone and PC users shoult try exercise little patient as we’ll test it out with simple server program (for PC) and OpenVPN connect (for iOS).

Without much say, I’ll quickly reveal the plan this tweak works on, and configuration follow…

If you can recall, Airtel is offering free Facebook access via free.facebook.com, so all we did was to tunnel the address and use the psiphon app with a working IP to tunnel the whole device, and it worked perfectly.

Tick the “remove port” box
Proxy Type; Real host
Proxy Server; free.facebook.com
Real Proxy Type; Inject
Real Proxy server;
Real Proxy Port; 3128
Tick Tunnel whole device and accept
Now swipe to options and select United States as region
Go to “more options”
Tick connect through an HTTP Proxy...
Also Tick Use following settings…
Host Address:
Port: 3128
… Go Back and Connect…
Once it’s connected… maybe in the next 10mins, then you can start surfing the internet, streaming and also downloading without limits

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