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TASUED SUG President Conceals With N100,000 Offered To The School

Senator Adebutu Oladidupo paid a visit to Tai Solarin University of Education, Ogun State (TASUED) and he contributed a new transformer and a sum of N100,000 to support the students' welfare and also as a way of campaigning for the next governorship election. Although, this was intended to bring improvement to the school's welfare, but guess what?

The Students' Union Government body of TASUED is in coarse, as news may have it, the SUG President, Bamidele Emmanue allegely absconded with the money issued to them by Sen.Adebutu Oladidupo with his location still unknown.

TASUED SUG President absconds With N100,000 Offered to The School
Meawhile, before the unfold of this event, the Union Leaders ware already in dichotomy on how the money should be distributed amongst them, unknowning to them, that the SUG president had a different agenda.

The incident aroused the student's anger and they have promise to unveil previous corrupt activities that were swept under the rug by the students' union body.

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